Hi, We are Heystee-Automotive.

Back in 1997 Paul Heystee started his company by importing Santana’s parabolic springs from Spain. Next to the suspension kits I started to source and sell the Santana Bendix disc brake parts, using Bendix calipers and Santana specific discs, however, the mounting of these parts required some modification to the Series axles, which was not a a good solution. That is why we designed the current system, which uses Land Rover calipers and discs. At that same time we found the retro fit power steering kits made by TDZ in Zaragoza, Spain.

From 2010 we took over the production and manufacture these power steering systems here in The Netherlands at Van den Berg Engineering in Arnhem.

Our goal is to improve the old Series Land Rovers with simple solutions for brakes and steering. I am always focused on quality, customer satisfaction and I don’t walk away from warranty issues.

Please feel free to contact us by email at any time regarding our products.

Heystee – Automotive is a brand of: 

Van den Berg Engineering

Conradweg 10A

6827 BZ Arnhem

The Netherlands

KvK: 09167610