Brake Servo 8″


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Brake Servo 8″ for Series IIA & III.

Mounts directly onto the Series III servo pedal box, without modifications.

These Brake Servo’s (or Boosters) where also fitted to the Santana Land Rovers. They have a larger diameter, 8″ instead of 6″ (std STC1816 Land Rover unit) membrane and therefore they can produce a larger force amplification. Unlike the larger LR brake servo’s, found on the defender, these F.I. units will fit onto the same standard Series III pedal box and into the same pedal location. They will also take the standard Girling master cylinder. The unit fits straight onto the Series 3 pedal box, no modifications needed.
Used pedal boxes can be supplied.

Note that this unit is made in Europe at a very high level of quality and made specially for us in small batches, hence the price difference with Asian made standard servos offered by UK suppliers.

Please note: The servo’s are out of stock, please mail for more information.

Brake Servo 8″

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm